7 questions to... Jakub Roskosz!

Jakub Roskosz, the author of the most popular and opinion-making blog on men's fashion in Poland, embraces the golf play-ready look straight from Gomez, reaching as fas as... Bali. Many famous athletes and celebrities take their cues from him, including Grzegorz Krychowiak, the supporter of Polish representative team known for his penchant for fashion. Jakub reveals his inspiration search, love of cutaway collars and neatly tailored clothes as well as his plans for the future in the interview he did for us.

1. What inspires you?

Lots of sources. Recently travels, during which I come across the people in the same field - classic men's fashion, with the whole new perspective though. A close peek at various cultures from the far corners of the world opens your mind and broadens your horizons. It also allows you to revisit your approach to material things, style, apparel and fashion. I also frequent the foreign fashion blogs or top magazines.

2. What do you think is a must have in man's wardrobe?

If I was to pick one piece, it'd be a white shirt with cutaway collar, hands down. If the list goes on, light beige chinos, navy blazer and dark brown leather double monk shoes would cover the basics. They all have one thing in common - universality. You may mix and match them in totally different outfits.

3. Which brands do you shop the most?

It's the quality not the brand I'm after when I shop. Nonetheless, the one often goes with the other, though, truth be told, it happens there's the other way around. I'm the Italian style fashion enthusiast with a South-inclined take on classic men's elegance. That's why the Italian brands like Ermenegildo Zegna or Tombolini hard to get in Poland, are my usual first choices. That said, I also like Ralph Lauren, or Calvin Klein (especially underwear). All of them may boast relatively high quality. The products are  neatly tailored and long-lasting. In the long run, buying more expensive clothes pays.

4. Which designer do you appreciate most? What for?

I don't have a one favourite designer. I'm into classic, timeless fashion, oftentimes created not by the famous designers, but distinguished sartorial masters in the comfort of their own studios.

5. Who do you think is fashion icon in Poland and abroad?

There is no such icon in Poland. It has to do with the fact that over a few decades of dry spell and PRP times, apparel and fashion slipped into the oblivion. Even if someone happened to be fashion-minded, they wouldn't get to come by the right products. Choice was slim to none. Fashion got lost in the shuffle, clothes were treated just like thermal comfort providers. The next generation of so-called breakthrough period had no figures to follow. It's just about now, when the Internet is widely accessible, freedoms and possibilities of buying nearly anything and getting any information at hand, we may witness the birth of people aspiring to the fashion icon status. Slowly but surely such icons are being born among the Internet bloggers, Polish designers or athletes. Grzegorz Krychowiak who might well become our Polish counterpart of David Beckham, is just a few steps away from this honourable title. Though there's still a long way to go in terms of perfecting his own style.

Prominent figures from abroad just roll off the tongue. Mentioned David Beckham, George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, or the icons straight from the fashion world - Lino Leluzzi, Lapo Elkann, Ciro Paone. Despite his young age, Mariano Di Vaio made his mark as the most popular fashion blogger in the world.

6. What are your plans for the future?

Career wise, I'd love to pursue what I'm passionate about, to hit the ground running every morning. We live in dynamic times when we're forced to stay on out toes, develop and alter our plans. I may be writing the most popular blog on men's fashion in the country, where over a dozen years back this profession didn't exist. It doesn't matter what I'll end up doing, I just wanna fulfill my passion and be happy. I have my head full of ideas for the further development of the blog and I'm slowly putting them in use. I'm also working on the whole new medium, but for now, I can't reveal more.

Privately? In the nearest and distant future, I wish to travel as much as possible, in a few years time, raise a family and lead peaceful life with beloved wife and children by my side.

7. Your biggest fashion dreams?

I'd like to be a creative director of one of the brands producing luxurious Italian suits and have my own chain of exclusive boutiques on the side.

Products used in the shoot:

Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers

Polo Ralph Lauren shirt