7 questions to...A Stylish Dad!

Michał Będźmirowski dressed up by Gomez, speaks about the basics of menswear and his fashion dreams. Blog of supposedly the most stylish Polish dad could well be hailed as lifestyle kind, because according to the author himself, it touches on every subject matter - from fatherhood, fashion, culture, sport and even cooking. Being a husband, a father to a few-year-old Bruno, lecturer at uni and enthusiast of bodybuilding supplements ranked him high in the national blogger zone.

1. What inspires you?

I think I honed my own style that keeps gaining the following. I prefer to be an inspiration rather than to draw it from others.

2. What do you think is a must have in man's wardrobe?

Jeans, t-shirt, leather jacket and Chelsea boots (just love it) - it's best if everything's a bit worn-out, a timecapsule of sort;)

3. Which brands do you shop the most?

Each brand has some gems on their offer. Hugo Boss, Diesel, Calvin Klein are my personal favourites. There's also no shortage of noteworthy picks that supplement my wardrobe in chain stores.

4. Which designer do you appreciate most? What for?

I won't name none now. It's not out of ignorance. I just don't concern myself with names. Clothes should appeal to me. If John Doe's suit fits me better than Tom Ford's I choose John Doe. Premium fabrics are the key factor in the formula.

5. Who do you think is fashion icon in Poland and abroad?

Please give me a moment:) Besides I don't like to talk about myself:)

6. What are your plans for the future?

Decidedly to write another book and develop A Stylish Dad project in the section of lifestyle and motivation. 

7. Your biggest fashion dream?

To launch the line branded with A Stylish Dad. That's all I can tell for now.

Products used in the shoot:

Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt

Boss shorts

Hilfiger Denim sneakers

Calvin Klein trainers

Hilfiger Denim t-shirt