Armani Exchange is Giorgio Armani’s legacy in a teen and modern version. The brand was founded in 1991 for a young generation of the designer’s fans who prefer a loose and urban style, and do not avoid a casual look and combining comfort with elegance. A wide range of colors and creative prints are the essence of the brand that in this way encourages people to express their individuality. The new Spring/Summer 2023 collection from Armani Exchange is a return to the brand’s roots, the ‘90s. Classic cuts, fashionable combinations of patterns, as well as lively and vibrant colors with the predominance of white, red, black, and juicy lime, are visible in total looks, separate models, details, or accessories. A street style of the latest models creates very modern ensembles in an athleisure style. The spring collection for Him mainly offers various models of T-shirts: with many variants of the brand’s logo which also appears on shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and baseball caps. It also includes prints, futuristic graphic patterns in yellow, blue, turquoise, or dark blue, also with some elements in green, golden, or orange. Other propositions that can be found in the collection are polo shirts – with a short or a long sleeve, longsleeves, and sweaters – in classic patterns and colors, as well as sweatshirts and hoodies, zippered or put on by the head. The latest AX’s propositions for Him were enriched with a capsule collection created in collaboration with National Geographic. Various species of animals such as tigers, sloths, and koala bears are visible on T-shirts and hoodies. Among trousers, you can find high-quality jeans made using specialized techniques, and sweatpants. Spring-summer propositions also include tank tops and jackets: transitional and down ones, as well as belts, baseball caps, reporter bags, backpacks, and many various models of watches in an elegant and casual style.