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Bally footwear and accessories collections for women is a novelty in the Gomez offer in the FW2022 season. The collection of sneakers includes both low and high models. The first come mainly in black, featuring a white, thick sole. Some models bear decorative embroideries, such as a piece of black brocade covered fabric, a neon pink fabric sewn into the back of the shoe or a catchy pattern studded with large glittering rhinestones. High sneakers are available in a slip-on version in the form of a sock with a decorative colored stripe across the shoe, on a massive white sole. The elegant models include gray and black Lords with a large gold buckle and classic black heels with the same decoration and a red and navy blue stripe. The offer also comprises of fall and winter footwear - leather ankle boots and knee boots on high and flat heels, black and white gray ankle hiking boots and gray jackboots on a futuristic rubber sole, featuring decorative fabric with the pattern of colorful Scottish plaid.

The Bally shoe collection for men for the FW20 season features exclusive footwear made with great attention to detail, crafted from high quality leather and suede. It includes classic smart moccasins - the penny loafers made of leather bearing metal elements in silver or colorful stripes extending across the shoe. The new proposals also include high sneakers with a decorative logged element. Sneakers offered by the brand include colorful models available in both high and low version, additionally on thick soles covered with pattern. Moreover, the new arrivals include tasteful classic high Jodhpur boots with a slightly pointed toe, and high boots with inserts of suede and bearing blue laces. The colors of the new collection are kept in the low-key black and navy blue, with pops of white and red. All Bally products are packed in posh signed boxes which reflect the luxurious character of the brand.