Boss is a German brand and fashion house founded in 1924 by Hugo Ferdinand Boss. Ordinary sewing facilities with time turned into a place that started to make one of the best suits in the world. 1950, when the first of such suits was created, was a milestone for the company. Currently, Boss offers a sophisticated modern collection focused on quality and design. Women’s clothing constitutes the third stem of the brand and offers collections with business, everyday, and evening outfits, which mainly focus on beautifully prepared elements. The Casual line with propositions of everyday clothing emphasizing the comfort of wearing is a complement to the elegant and exclusive collection of the brand. In the latest Boss’s collection for Her for Spring/Summer 2023 dominate earthy colors and simple classic forms. White, off-white, and black can be seen in monocolor propositions and in combinations presenting the brand’s logo in the color of metallic gold, and they appear on T-shirts and hoodies with a short and a long sleeve, which can be put together into an outfit with sweatpants, and on sports dresses made of fabric. The collection has been enriched with two main themes: a heart and an animal motif. The first one was created as part of cooperation with a Canadian artist and illustrator living in New York, Justin Teodoro. Variations with the heart theme in pink, red, and black on a white, black, or pick background appeared on T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, and accessories such as scarves. An animalistic motif of a zebra, presented in the form of a print, decorates shirts, skirts, dresses, and scarves. The collection is complemented by, among others, high-heels, trainers, bags, belts, but also bathrobes.