Eco is the new sexy!

Exclusive shopper bag, t-shirt made of organic cotton certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and educational freebies - these gifts will come with every model of pants from #GuessEco collection bought in our stationary stores. The offer is also on online!

The bottom line?
Guess, the most sensual brand in our portfolio, made the leap into the world of eco fashion. Much thought has been given to the first capsule #GuessEco collection for Spring/Summer 2016! Guess takes care of the environment by using denim produced with water- and energy-saving methods. CO2 emission has also been reduced. The brand took a closer look at chemicals used i.e. in garment dye.

What sets the new Guess' jeans apart from the other of their kind? The higher percentage of organic cotton, 30% of inner lining is made of recycled polyester, leather label has OekoTex certificate (International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology), buttons and rivets got Low Impact Finish Ensemble treatment (LIFE).

There's plenty more! Guess took meticulous approach all the way: the brand chose the finest suppliers, improved washing process and got associated with the outside labs that test products focused on reducing the negative impact of production processes on the environment.

Guess firmly claims the eco denim to be on par with all the other fabrics from the collection in terms of quality.

Guess' green revolution:

Do you know that even 20,030 liters of water are required to produce 1kg of cotton?  GuessECO Azurite allows to save 33 liters of water per each product!

A piece of advice from Guess to you:

„The average shower takes about 8 minutes, every extra minute means liters of wasted water. It's a shame to say that's our daily routine, even if millions of people all over the world still haven't got access to running water. Try to cut your shower down to 5 minutes as a way of saving thousands of liters of water annually!

ECO Denim Responsibility solution allows to save 52% of energy in comparison with the traditional production process.

A piece of advice from Guess to you:

„Once a week prepare a candlelit supper for your other half. Turn the light off, fire the flames of passion and make this romantic moment your reality.
Even if over billion of people in the world still haven't got the access to electricity, its production using methods harmful for the environment is still on the rise, significantly contributing to global warming.”

ECO Denim Recycling allows to reduce carbon dioxide emission by 54% per each product.

A piece of advice from Guess to you:

„Always have a flash drive on you – this way you will recuce the amount of printed pages. Trees cut down annually are our collective responsibility. What's more each day of deforestation accumulates the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere equal to the pollution emitted by planes on the routes from Europe to the United States in the period needed to carry millions of people.”

GuessECO Nova Tourmaline pants, like all other jeans from GuessEco collection, are lined partly with recycled plastic bottles.

 A piece of advice from Guess to you:

„Don't buy another plastic bag when you shop: over a million animals get suffocated annually with the plastic trash."


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