Cannes 2016: Celebration of movies and fashion

This Saturday the winner of Cannes' Golden Palm award, granted for movie of the year, will be unveiled. It is rumoured behind the scenes, that Jim Jarmusch's latest picture "Paterson" is a front runner most likely to win this prestigious award. Cannes festival goes way beyond cinematography celebration. Red carpet transformed into the real runway, the place where unspoken rules are broken. The photo of fledgling Brigitte Bardot in bikini, Grace Kelly's outfit from Cassini or Elisabeth Taylor's tiara went down in history.

Julia Roberts proved to be the talk of the town this year, showing up on the red carpet in wonderful black dress,... barefoot nonetheless. That was the actress' protest against strict rules of the last year's festival, where women were banned from entering the premieres unless they had their high heels on.

Susan Sarandon and Victorii Beckham also made a splash. The first one put on black suit, white shirt and tie, the latter, corset jumpsuit of her own design.

Eyes of the critics though were turned at the up-and-coming actress and model Lily-Rose Depp (daughter of Vanessa Paradise and Johnny Depp), sporting audacious Karla Lagerfeld's creation in the spotlights. Are we witnessing the birth of the new style icon?

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