EA7 propositions are a combination of a sporty style with innovative fabrics and practical designs. They are also a compromise between high quality and a street character. The brand’s designs include casual products, but also clothing for training. This unusual combination was inspired by Andrij Szewczenko, an A.C. Milan football player, whose jersey number is visible in the characteristic name of the brand’s collection. Number 7 is also a visual reference to the wings of a proud eagle which is shown in the logo of the Imperium brand Armani. The latest sports collection for women proposed by EA7 in the Spring/Summer 2023 season offers propositions for active women who appreciate the high comfort of clothing, especially during workouts. The SS22 collection is a timeless combination of functionality and comfort, as well as technological innovation. It also presents a minimalistic, but also consistent with the current trends, style, dominated by stripes and lampasses. This season draws special attention to distinctive transverse stripes decorating T-shirts, sweatshirts, and sports dresses with a simple, box design. Their golden color and the number referring to the name of the brand is the element that distinguishes the latest collection, just like lampasses in various colors and edging which resemble ribbons, especially visible on sweatshirts and sweatpants which can be successfully combined into outfits. Among the latest models, you can find also those more casual ones, for example decorated with a subtle floral motif. Spring propositions, also with a big logo on them, are complemented by quilted jackets and accessories such as sachets, bags, and backpacks. For Summer 2023, EA7 proposes a wide selection of bathing suits: one-piece and two-piece. Two-piece propositions are outfits with brabs on straps tied around the neck as well as various models of panties. A rich summer color palette offers juicy and energetic colors such as cobalt blue, pink, fuchsia red, black, dark blue, and lime. The outfits can be complemented by shoes, for example spring sneakers or summer slippers.