Furla is an Italian brand founded in 1972, creating high-quality bags and accessories made of leather. For years it has proposed models which stand out due to their modern aesthetics of traditional Italian design. In the latest Spring/Summer 2023 season in the #FunFurla collection, the brand proposes models in colors referring to the Mediterranean landscape. The colors of the earth, sand, water, and sun are visible in many designs of bags. This Southern color palette is complemented by classic black and white. The brand offers various models of shopper bags, satchels, and reporter bags. In the current season, two models draw special attention: Metropolis and Real – in many different color variants, ex. natural earthy colors and pastels. Pastel models stand out because of the consistency of elements that are kept in one color: starting with mounting, through fastening, the strap color, finishing with the bag’s insides. The offer is complemented by box bags and wallets. Furla’s propositions for the spring-summer time include footwear as well: leather ankle boots, ballet flats, sandals, and flip-flops. The latter enjoy great popularity – presented in more casual and elegant variants, they have mono-color details, but also lacquered and metallic ornaments.