Eleven different personalities, eleven Armani Jeans t-shirts

What is your true nature? - asks Armani Jeans and invites us to play. Solve the test and find out what personality type you are - nonconformist, seducer or revolutionary? You will have to confront the questions about your reaction to the seemingly unsolvable and undoable or your attitude towards learning the new things. What is your first thought when you wake up? How often do you surprise yourself? Do you keep at it when you try to get someone's attention? Each personality type was ascribed to different t-shirt from a limited Armani Jeans line packed in the special boxes – eleven in total, exactly like the number of the letters in ARMANI JEANS. Each letter corresponds to a different word (A – authentic, R – revolutionary, M – modern, A – audacious, N – noble, I – inventive, J – joyful, E – enthusiastic, A – adventurous, N – nonconformist, S – seductive).

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