" Karl Lagerfeld is a German fashion designer and photographer, a creator of the famous Fendi brand’s logo (FF), and a lifelong creative director of the Chanel fashion house. Out of his characteristic style – a white shirt with a high collar, tie, sunglasses, and a Choupette cat – a calico Birman cat – he made a brand under his own first and last name. The logo, and the same time the icon, of the designer has become the brand’s trademark and the leading motif of all designs. In the latest Spring/Summer 2023 collection, the brand combines a feminine style with futuristic details. The collection was inspired by one of Lagerfeld’s interests – the future and the influence of digital technology on modern design. In the new season, classic models and the image of Karl were reinterpreted with the use of iridescent colors, translucent fabrics, and structural images of the artist and his cat. The offer for Her includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, skirts, dresses, overalls, and jackets. It also proposes a wide selection of footwear: ankle boots, leather trainers, sneakers, high heels, espadrilles, flip-flops, and thongs, as well as accessories such as belts, phone cases, caps, scarves, key chains, or wallets."