KARL LAGERFELD - Visions of Fashion

The reports that Karl Lagerfeld is retiring turned out to be just rumors. What's definitely not a rumor is the news that the great designer has lived to see his collection on Pitti Uomo exhibition in Florence! The organizers assure that the “Karl Lagerfeld – Visions of Fashion” exhibition will consist of the most iconic works of the charismatic designer, including a few that haven't been shown ever before. The ambassadors of the event in Palazzo Pitti are Eric Pfrunder (Eric is responsible for building Chanel's image) and Gerhard Steidl (a well known publisher).

The exhibition will take place on June 14 and will be open for general public the following day. The pictures will include those shot for “Vogue Germany” and other renowned fashion magazines. It will be the third exhibition of Karl Lagerfeld's works. The first recently look place in Paris and another is to be held in Cuba. With what will the designer surprise us in Florence?