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Moose Knuckles Canada was founded in 2007, whose aim was to create the thinnest, the toughest and the most luxurious sportswear which would serve people living in the coldest regions of the globe. Moose Knuckles offers a big variety of coats resistant to any weather conditions, lightweight jackets, knits, T-shirts and high quality accessories. What best describes the brand's products is immaculate tailoring, luxurious fabrics and attention to detail. The high quality of the apparel and its functionality made Moose Knuckles famous as the best retailer of luxury products in the world. Moreover, Moose Knuckles prides itself on being 100% Canadian. From the traditional factories in Winnipeg, experienced furriers in Toronto, to the team of designers in Montreal - everything Moose Knuckles make is Canadian to the core. Two of their first cult products (fur-trimmed Stirling Parka and Ballistic Bomber jacket) have quickly become iconic products and bestsellers worldwide.