OSCARs 2016: Who deserves the statue in "best-dressed' category?

The American Academy awards were granted! This special night is not just the prominent celebration for cinematography, but fashion as well. Screen celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio, Brie Larson, Mark Rylance and Alicia Vikander scored the wins. Who the statue for the best creation should go to?

– Heidi Klum evoked a confetti outburst - Eric Wilson, InStyle Fashion News Director made a comment for Reutera Agency. Cate Blanchett though swept some stamps of approval (dress from Armani Prive collection). - Allover flowers look a bit frivolous against the red carpet, but I think we need that now and then - stated Wilson. Rickie de Sole from W Magazine noticed that not just the carpet was deeply red, but also the stars' cherry picked gowns: - These vivid colours literally pop out at you - he emphasized.

One thing's for sure - the celebrities love our designers! Chloe Pirrie chose the creation from Tommy Hilfiger, Jennifer Garner and Kerry Washington appeared in Versace dresses, Kate Winslet opted for Ralph Lauren's design, Naomi Watts was wearing Armani Prive, Olivia Wilde - Valentino haute couture, Saoirse Ronan made an entrance in dress from Calvin Klein.