People's Place Originals

Hilfiger Denim's limited collection for Fall 2015

Rock'n'roll-style, mischievous People's Place Originals - the latest limited autumnal collection from Hilfiger Denim.
Tommy Hilfiger on the collection:

People’s Place, the first store which I established as a teenager in 1969, has fast become one of the most attention grabbing places in my home town. It was a venue where we'd burn incense, listen to music and arrange concerts in the basement together with my friends. We modeled ourselves on our rock star favourites, sporting leather jackets, ripped jeans, patterns so typical for the 70s.

40 years in, rebellious style is still going strong, as the rock legends keep on inspiring the designers. People's Place Originals arrays i.e. biker jackets, flannel shirts, print t-shirts, knits, slightly distressed skinnies, denim jackets and patterned sweaters. The assortment is already available in our Poznań based stores. Soon to be found in the online store. Enjoy!