Polish models are making their way on world-class catwalks!

The crucial men's fashion weeks in London, New York, Milan and Paris have just gone down. Collections for Fall/Winter 2016 were showcased by the biggest names in the industry, Polish fames being among them! 

Max Barczak with his blonde hair and boyish look got listed as one of "7 male models to keep an eye on this season" by The New York Times Magazine. This year, at 19 he's walked the runway for Valentino and Roberto Cavalli. Annual fashion weeks prooved to be a spring board for international career for Artur Chruszcz (collaborating with i.e. Valentino). During the shows he also grabbed the attention of portal which rated him as one of the hottest models. Karol Sapińsk, acknowledged by many designers as picture-perfect model (188 cm tall, blue eyes, ample cheek bones), was walking for James Long, Costume National and 22/4 Hommes. He caught the eye of designers during Prada and Zegna shows last year. The prestigious The Ones2Watch magazine also featured the model. Dominik Sadoch - in fashion industry since the age of 15, has been regularly working with Dior, Prada and Gucci since 2013. This season he made an appearance in Louis Vuitton show (exclusivelly!). portal listed him as one of the most influential models in Runway category in 2015.

Any other hot names? Bart Ungerman, Jan Piasecki, Michał Bernasiak, Adam Kaszewski. Łukasz Grabowski (featured in Versace show) is this year's debut.