Pantone Color Institute Report

spring/summer 2016

Have you ever wondered where color trends come from? Pantone Color Institute, the American company behind the concept, maintains the authoritative status in the world of colour for over 50 years. New York Fashion Week has only just begun, but the institute stays on its toes, issuing report on colors trending in spring/summer 2016 season. the lineup includes 10 shades - soothing, art inspired, nostalgic, unisex, organic verging on still life. The report reads: The designers got inspired by the contrast of urban aesthetic and lush vegetation, which resulted in unexpected color combinations. Collections riff on architecture, travels and nostalgia references. They're supposed to represent the world we live in, both the organic and man-created. Designers make us think and enter the escapist world. Artists known for uncompromising lines and color palette - from Matisse, Picasso and Frank Stella to Esther Stewart and Sam Falls also made their outstanding mark".

The list of colours to look out for in the upcoming season:

-Rose Quartz

-Lilac Gray

-Limpet Shell

-Iced Coffee



-Green Flash

-Peach Echo

-Snorkel Blue