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Gomez is obliged to deliver flawless product to the customer who's a consumer and is liable to him on account of warranty, for physical and legal faults if the sold product have those.

If the product received by a customer has fault found before two year's time of the date of its issuing, please notify about the fault (you can find complaint form here) and send the product back to:

60-479 POZNAŃ

Please submit contact information necessary to contact you during processing of the complaint and attach the documents or submit the data allowing to identify concluded sales agreement (i.e. receipt or invoice, order number, other). Including the receipt or invoice is not obligatory, but highly recommended as it usually speeds up the processing of complaint.

Complaint will be processed within 14 days of the date of receiving the form by us. Customer will be informed about the way of processing his/her complaint via email, text message or in writing.

Detailed information on complaints are covered in our Terms & conditions.

Gomez doesn't issue guarantee on sold products.

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