Birdy endorses the latest Red Valentino's campaign!

Red Valentino SS16 collection promoted by the vocalist is much subtler than the previous one. It hardly resembles Marie Antoinette inspired style, though corsets with accented waists do appear every now and then. The line abounds with laces, handmade beaded, flower-shaped embroideries, bows and ribbons. All new projects from Red Valentino play up subdued, watery colours. Birdy effortlessly hits all the nostalgic notes underscoring the collection.

The vocalist, at as early as 14, having already won the talent show, made a name for herself with her own version of Bon Iver's „Skinny Love”, the song which topped the charts in Great Britain. The artist debuted with her first record album „Birdy” in the same year. Two years later the second album „Fire Within”was launched. We're thrilled for the premiere of the third album - „Beautiful Lies”. Birdy won us over with straightforwardness and authentic emotions which so clearly come through in her music, as well as her mesmerizing voice that leaves the listeners spellbound.