" Versace Jeans Couture was created because of the need to give freshness which will combine modern clothing with high-fashion and streetwear elements. The current name of the brand, which earlier was known under the name Versace Jeans, was created when denim clothing was presented on a Versace exhibition along with a couture collection. The latest collection for the Spring 2023 season offers brave, colorful, and patterned propositions. Colorful combinations, complex configurations, and a richness of patterns joins fashion bravery, chick, and functionality with a classic execution. Floral and leafy ornaments from the latest Versace Jeans Couture collection decorate T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, shoes, and accessories such as sachets and baseball caps. A characteristic floral design is a combination of black, yellow, and some version of the memorable golden color. Besides ornamental propositions, the brand also offers more toned-down ones – with a visible or a very subtle logo. For the SS22 season, Versace Jeans Couture has also prepared various models of footwear, most importantly sneakers and trainers, but also summer flip-flops and thongs."