Wonderbra is an underwear brand with longstanding traditions. The company was founded in the United States in 1935. After 30 years, in 1963, its designer Louise Poirer created the first push-up bra in the world. He didn’t know at the time that this invention would revolutionize not only how women think about underwear, but the whole industry altogether. Several years later, the brand made another breakthrough, launching a Perfect Strapless bra model with hand shaped, “invisible hands”, technology, which served to lift women’s breasts. The Full Effect model of bra became another revelation. Its pads filled with air and iron enlarged breasts by even two sizes. In the latest collection of the iconic brand for the Spring/Summer 2023 season, apart from basic underwear, there are also elegant and sensual models made of lace. Basic models include minimalistic and plain bras with thermally shaped bra cups whose seamless structure ensures that they are not visible under clothes made of even the thinnest fabric. The new product range was enriched with an offer of strapless models which have gained enormous popularity due to their usefulness while wearing clothing with bare shoulders. The brand also offers models with a low-cut neckline which is perfect for low-cut dresses and blouses. The new collection had to include iconic lace models – push-up bras with the Full Effect technology. The new Wonderbra’s collection also offers various models of panties – classic, plain briefs, lacy hipsters, but also boxer shorts. The leading colors of Wonderbra’s underwear this season are delicate beige, nude, off-white, white, and black.