Children’s clothing

The primary quality of children’s clothing should be functionality. However, the freedom and comfort of wearing undoubtedly count as well – children’s clothes should not restrict movement and make children feel bad. Durability should be another aspect to consider. Children love different types of activities, and as a result, their clothes should be suitable for various situations – they must be resistant to intensive use and frequent washing. The fabric of which clothes are made must also be taken into consideration – in Gomez, we offer children’s clothes made of cotton, soft and delicate wool, knitwear, or linen. High-quality fabrics will not only be more durable but also pleasant to the child’s skin.

Nevertheless, original design and unique style cannot be forgotten – children also enjoy looking trendy, and properly selected clothes can boost their self-esteem. For this reason, Gomez offers a wide selection of children’s clothes that stand out not only because of their high quality but also because they are in line with the current trends.

Clothes for children of different ages

Clothes for children should be properly adjusted to their size. A child may feel uncomfortable if any element of their outfit happens to be too big or too small. It often happens that depending on the child’s age, the circumstances in which clothes are worn differ. That is why, a different outfit will be suitable for a preschooler who spends his time playing actively both inside and outside, and a different one for a teenager who is looking for his or her own style and wants to express himself or herself through their clothes. What is more, a different styling will be required for special occasions – birthday parties, school celebrations, and family gatherings. Thus, it is worth choosing brands that offer a wide selection of sizes in children’s clothes for any occasion. Our offer includes clothes for newborns, children, and teenagers – in sizes from 56 to 182.

What types of clothes can be found in the offer of Gomez online store? Our assortment consists of clothes for girls and boys. We propose sweaters made of soft wool and warm cotton sweatshirts with a hood and pockets, as well as models with a zipper, which is a practical solution for younger children. Additionally, sweatshirts for the youngest have welts that ensure stability on the child’s body. We also offer children’s winter and fall coats and jackets equipped with a zipper, a hoodie, and pockets, which ensure the high functionality of such clothes. We know how crucial it is for the youngest, that is why our product range includes a wide variety of tracksuits, leggings, and pants. Such children’s clothes are perfect for various activities because they are made of elastic materials and do not restrict chilren’s moves. For girls, we have prepared a rich offer of skirts and dresses, which can constitute the basis for special occasion outfits. We propose girly dresses and skirts in the most fashionable colors and patterns – including pink and violet, as well as flowery, leopard, or checkered patterns. Clothes for girls are also decorated with shiny appliques and various prints.

Moreover, we offer children’s blouses, T-shirts, and shirts which are perfect both for everyday use, as well as for holidays. The proposed shirts are decorated with interesting prints – one of the most popular motifs is the iconic Polo Ralph Lauren bear, but we also offer children’s blouses with logos of other brands and animal prints covering the whole piece of clothing. In the offer for newborns, it is possible to find, among others, body and rompers made of soft and durable fabric.

Online store with children’s clothing

Our online store with children’s clothing offers clothes from premium and luxury brands. We propose high-quality products that will meet the expectations of both parents and children. Our assortment includes children’s clothes from Calvin Klein Jeans, Guess, Karl Lagerfeld, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and many more known manufacturers. Each brand available in our store ensures not only perfect quality but also original design and interesting aesthetics. As a result, clothes for children are not only comfortable but also fashionable and original.

In the Spring/Summer 2022 season, you can find children’s clothes whose cuts, patterns, and colors fall in line with the latest trends. We propose spring jackets for children, perfect for every type of weather – including rainproof jackets, bomber jackets, coats, fashionable tank tops, and denim jackets. New arrivals additionally include summer propositions which may complement every girl’s wardrobe – we offer, among others, mini and longer skirts, pleaded cuts, and knitted dresses, as well as sweatshirt-like models. For boys, we have prepared various T-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, and elegant shirts. Propositions from the brands available in Gomez are a response to the needs of the youngest ones, that is why our offer includes spring and summer children’s clothing for everyday use and for special occasions. We encourage you to check out our whole assortment of children’s clothing and to place orders!