Posh multiplied monograms and large logos are the leading patterns featured on men's shawls and scarves in the FW19 season. Kept in low-key colors, i.e. black, navy blue, gray and beige, are often finished with spectacular fraying or decorated with machine patterns and colorful details. In the new collection, we find Tommy Hilfiger offer which includes elegant scarves with the addition of wool, often covered with red, navy blue and white stripes - the brand's trademark colors. In turn, Emporio Armani goes for light and smart models with frayed ends, often covered with the multiplied brand logo. The brand's offer is maintained in black and gray, with blue accents. HUGO in the new season offers black scarves with the addition of wool, decorated with a small and subtle monogram of the brand. An elegant scarf makes up for a warm addition to a coat or transition jacket, and constitutes an ideal accessory, e.g. for a sports jacket.