Burberry is an exclusive British fashion house founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. The designer made his clothing based on the principle that it should be designed to protect people against British weather. Guided by his own principles, he created gabardine – a breathing, resistant to weather conditions, and durable fabric which revolutionized waterproof clothing which until then was heavy and uncomfortable to wear. In its waterproof designs, Burberry used checkered lining which over the years has become the brand’s trademark. Apart from clothing, footwear, bags, and perfume, the luxury brand’s rich portfolio also includes accessories such as glasses. Burberry’s collection of sunglasses is a quintessence of elegance, good taste, and a typically British style. Gomez’s offer for the Spring/Summer 2023 season includes, among others, sunglasses with colorless lens protecting against UV rays and frames whose details contain elements of a patented checkered pattern consisting of red, black, and white color on a beige background, the so-called House Check. Designs draw attention because of details and frames. Apart from lightness, organic lenses used in the models guarantee the glasses’ durability and high scratch and mechanical damage resistance.