Wedges – a casual replacement for high-heels

They add a few centimeters, optically lengthening the legs. Thanks to their construction, they evenly distribute the weight of the body, which makes them a comfortable proposition for women who wear high-heeled shoes on a daily basis. The shoes have their origin in ancient Greece, but the “modern” models known to us gained their popularity in the 70s-80s thanks to such stars as David Bowie and the Abba team.

Wedges – an overview of the Gomez offer

The latest Gomez collection for the Fall/Winter 2021 season offers a wide variety of wedges of various heights and a richness of materials. The wedge, decorated with jute, woven grass, or a string, invariably leads. Casadei proposes leather wedges in metallic colors. Tory Burch and Coach offer, among others, models with an above-ankle strap. Wedges with a snake motif and stud decorations are proposed by Guess. The most classic models can be found in the offers of such brands as Michael Kors, Calvin Klein Jeans, and Pepe Jeans London. Tommy Hilfiger offers, popular for many seasons, Elba and Elena models, made in plain colors – from strong red to subdued white.