An Italian brand Elisabetta Franchi was founded in 1998 in Milan. It has been the embodiment of womanhood since the beginning. Propositions for the Spring/Summer 2023 season are “The Anthem to Spring”, in which the brand presents the forces of nature as the synonym of freshness and rebirth. The collection presents designs referring to feminine subtleness and to an aristocratic, refined, and seductive woman, self-aware and making independent choices. The latest propositions are made of the highest-quality fabrics and include unique designs and meticulous attention to detail. The offer for Her mostly includes elegant propositions of shirts, blazers, jackets, dresses, and pants. Simple classic designs of blouses match the outfits with pleated skirts, skirts with ruffles, pencil knee-length skirts, or shorter ones with big, decorative pockets. Some of the models form matched outfits with blazers and jackets, to which you can choose pants with stitching and pressings, or classic jeans and pants made of fabric. Propositions of dresses include casual, elegant, and evening models. Models made of fabric, shirtdresses, or double-breasted dresses with big metal buttons in the color of gold or silver were complemented by extravagant dresses with sequins and shiny fabrics, but also draped and delicate maxi-length dresses. The whole collection is kept in white, black, beige, camel, and cognac colors, complemented by classic denim propositions. The Spring/Summer 2023 season’s collection also includes patterned materials showing a characteristic pattern referring to the brand’s logo and monogram. They also appear on elements of footwear, bags, and accessories in the form of details. Elisabetta Franchi for the new season offers a wide selection of footwear including trainers, ankle boots, high-heels, and sandals, as well as bags, and among them satchels, reporter bags, and sachets. From a rich array of women’s accessories, the brand proposes belts and jewelry, and bathing suits dedicated to summer and vacation days.