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In April 2005, a year after leaving the Gucci Group, the designer Tom Ford announced the creation of a brand with his own name. As the President and CEO of Tom Ford International, Ford announced cooperation with the Marcolin Group, the world leader in the eyeglass industry, for the production and distribution of optical frames and sunglasses under the TOM FORD name. At the same time, Ford and his partner - Domenico De Sole - announced the start of a two-phase cooperation with Estee Lauder, which lasted for many years. The first phase of the cooperation began in November 2005, which resulted in a joint collection of both brands. In the second phase, which took place a year later, Tom Ford and Estee Lauder created and launched an independent collection of fragrances and cosmetics under the Tom Ford Beauty brand, releasing today's fragrances "Black Orchid" and then "Black Orchid Voile De Fleur".